It is an understatement to suggest that education is an important facet in today’s society. In order to best enhance your educational organization, AutoData Systems provides software through which you can create surveys and reports to analyze information from your administration, students, and community.

  • Any number of surveys, such as student learning assessments or alumni questionnaires, can provide participants the opportunity to supply data concerning the effectiveness of their education and its environment (e.g., food, class size, etc.). After an automated data collection process and personalized analysis of the data, you can review the progress of the students’ attainment and application of information and concepts.
  • Administrative surveys, such as teacher self evaluations and even parent satisfaction surveys, allow the staff to give and receive feedback concerning curricula and instructive strategies. When this information is published and collected, progressive decisions can be made to enrich the educational environment.

AutoData Systems provides endless possibilities and opportunities for the collection of this data in a simple, streamlined fashion. It eliminates all concern about filled-in circles and different hand printing styles. This timely, cost-effective approach to data analysis is simple and straightforward. AutoData does not require special paper or proprietary scanners, which ensures maximum flexibility and significant cost savings.

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