Case Studies

Leading car rental company automates satisfaction surveys with AutoData software.

A well-known car rental company selected AutoData ExpertScan software to automate customer satisfaction surveys sent to purchasers of rental company cars. The software helps the client automate the processing of approximately 30,000 surveys annually that were previously key-entered, and provides data tabulation and reports, saving the client time and making his job easier.

Major cruise line automates customer satisfaction surveys aboard ship.

A leading cruise line installed AutoData Scannable Office and a scanner aboard its 22 ships to collect customer satisfaction data at point of service. Clients complete the forms before disembarking, for improved response rate and timely feedback. Completed surveys are processed onship, and the staff quickly has information that helps ensure service quality.

Nurses association improves balloting through use of AutoData Systems software.

The local chapter of a national nursing association purchased AutoData Scannable Office to automate election balloting and member interest surveys. The software helped the organization automate a complex form, eliminating key-entry and tabulation of thousands of forms, a process that previously took days to complete.

Employer automates confidential employee exit interview form.

A major national employer conducts exit interviews via paper forms distributed to departing employees. The use of a paper survey and the lack of personally identifiable data on the form ensure confidentiality, encouraging departing employees to provide candid feedback, which in turn helps the company identify problems and take corrective action to improve operations and employee retention.

Consulting firm uses AutoData Scannable Office to automate focus group surveys.

A consulting firm specializing in qualitative research for the food industry had a large focus group project coming up for a major food manufacturer. The focus group was to be relatively large-scale, and the firm needed a way to easily and quickly get data from focus group surveys into an excel spreadsheet, so that the results could be analyzed and reported to the client. The firm purchased AutoData Scannable Office, which they installed on a laptop, and a portable scanner for an easily transportable system.