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ExpertScan v.2.0.20 Upgrade

The new version of ExpertScan is 2.0.20.

Issues Addressed:

Checkmark Element – If the Add button for Custom Responses was clicked, ExpertScan would occasionally close unexpectedly.

Elements – If text containing a question mark was pasted into a database field name, it was not caught and would cause a problem with the database.

Barcode Element – If a barcode was 27 or 28 characters, and Manual Entry was used, the barcode would appear incorrectly on the form until the form was reopened.

Barcode Print Merge – Printing a duplex form, multiple copies, did not work properly.

Saving a form – If a form was previously saved with an upper case .ESD extension, and then saved with a new name, an additional .esd extension would be added to the filename.