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Inaugural Post

Inaugural Post

Welcome to our newly designed website! Our excitement over the new design is not easily expressed with words (especially if you’ve seen our old site), but if we could put it into words, it might look something like this: “YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!”

We collectively apologize for the over-excitement, but we just can’t help it. However, we’d be lying if we told you our new website is the only reason we are excited. In fact, we have many other reasons to be excited.

First, we are excited about where we’ve been as a company. Since 1993, we have helped countless organizations eliminate the costs of survey and form processing with simple, easy-to-use software. For those ‘non-math’ people out there, that’s almost 20 years of experience in our field.

Second, we are excited about where we currently find ourselves as a company. Our team is constantly working to improve our products and our service to create a better experience for you, the customer. As such, we are proud of the work Autodata does on a daily basis.

Finally, we are excited about where we are going as a company. Sure, our new site is pretty, but it has so much more to offer than stunning good looks.

What is it?

More channels of open communication. Such as this blog, for example. We want to let you know what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why we are doing it, but more importantly, we want you involved in that process. We also have a Twitter account and a Facebook page. Why? Because we want to hear from you! After 20 years in the business, we know firsthand that listening to your customer is far more important than telling your customer. We know this because that’s precisely what our software does – it allows you to listen to your customers or patients or employees or alumni network or whichever audience you target. At its core, our software allows you to know more, and therefore, be better.

So thanks for finding us and we looking forward to listening to you!