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Acceptable Use Policy

AutoData Systems Acceptable Use Policy

Last updated: April 5, 2007

The AutoData Acceptable Use Policy defines the actions that AutoData Systems
considers to be abusive and counter-productive to our mission. Such actions are
prohibited, and violators are subject to, but not limited to, having their accounts with us
terminated without refund. AutoData Systems has established the following goals that
serve as an outline for our Acceptable Use Policy:

AutoData Systems is dedicated to –

  • Maintaining our mission and reputation as being an ethical, responsible business
  • Ensuring security, reliability and privacy of our network and services
  • Encouraging responsible use of all surveys and forms created and distributed
    through our software
  • Discouraging actions that may hinder or discredit the usability and effectiveness
    of surveys and forms
  • Avoiding situations that may cause us to enter in or be involved with any type of
    civil liability
Violations of the AutoData Acceptable Use Policy are not limited to the ones explained
in this document. If you are unsure of any details in this use policy, please contact us and
we will assist you.

General Conduct

It is prohibited to transmit any material via an AutoData product and/or software creation
that is deemed or could be characterized, at our discretion, as unlawful, obscene,
threatening, abusive, libelous, encouraging of actions that constitute criminal offense,
causing civil liability, or in anyway violating a local, state, national or international law.

AutoData software and the resulting data collected on our remote servers is to be used for
lawful purposes only. Transmission, distribution, or storage of information and/or data
that violates any common law, state law, or United States regulation is strictly prohibited.
This may include information and/or data that is protected by copyright, trade secret,
trademark, or any other statute.

AutoData software is sold in single computer licenses, and each license is to be installed
on only one CPU (see AutoData Software End-User License Agreement).

All users of AutoData Systems software are bound by the AutoData Software End-User
License Agreement. NetE-nable subscribers should refer to the End-User License
Agreement that came with their ExpertScan software.

Anti-Spam Policy

AutoData Systems has a zero tolerance for unsolicited commercial spam of any kind. We
and our customers may never initiate any type of spam e-mailing. In order to ensure that
e-mails cannot be classified as spam, we require that e-mails comply with the rules set up
by the Federal Trade Commission in the US CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 S. 877. Violators
of these rules are subject to having their NetE-nable accounts terminated and are subject
to judicial prosecution.


Users who have data stored on our remote servers have access to their data only through a
unique Subscriber ID assigned by AutoData (see AutoData Privacy Policy). Attempts to
use another user’s Subscriber ID are prohibited and subject to, but not limited to, the
infringement actions outlined above.

AutoData Systems will fully cooperate with investigations of security breaches in our
personal network and other networks. This will include our cooperation with law
enforcement on matters of suspected criminal activity. Violators may incur a criminal or
civil liability if they attempt to breach or compromise the data of our customers or the
network security of AutoData Systems.