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Healthcare and Social Services

The healthcare industry’s most valuable resource is its wealth of dedicated individuals who provide a universally beneficial service. However, a shortage of such individuals, as well as a rise in industrial costs, has posed a great problem for many healthcare organizations. Consequently, the industry must look for IT solutions that will provide cost-effective services to aid in its continual expansion.

AutoData’s software solutions provide healthcare organizations with the ability to create, process and evaluate pertinent data in order to make significant decisions concerning patient care and personnel. Our solutions are not only cost-effective in the short and long run, but they are simple to use. Even those with little IT experience can easily navigate and operate the software.

AutoData’s simple process follows three steps:

  1. Design a form with your questions and response types.
  2. Publish (on paper or the web) and distribute to patients/staff.
  3. Generate Reports automatically or manually from the database that is populated when the data is scanned in and/or retrieved from the web.

To gain a competitive edge, patient satisfaction must exceed expectations!

“I oversee a couple of dozen different form applications using AutoData software. AutoData saves our hospital $40,000 every year."
Quality Improvement , Minnesota Hospital