Increased data accuracy, reduction in data turnaround times and less time spent on data entry helps lower the cost of operation and goes a long way to cost-effective service delivery in government. Whether you’re in Public Health, Public Safety, federal or state/local administration, or responsible for public service delivery, AutoData Systems form and survey software delivers flexibility, ease of use and value.

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Government Case Studies

State Parks Department automates community surveys.

A state parks department implemented AutoData Scannable Office software to automate the processing of community surveys. Scannable Office saved the client time when processing the surveys and also let them map their data directly to popular statistical analysis software already owned and utilized by the department for reporting purposes.

County uses AutoData software to test Bullying Prevention program in public schools.

A major metro county community health department adopted AutoData Systems software to process surveys associated with a new Bullying Prevention program being tested in five area public schools. The test involved administering a pre-program survey and a follow-up survey to measure the effectiveness of the program. The community health department utilized AutoData Systems software to design and process the pre- and post-program surveys and to analyze the results, saving the organization significant time over manual processing and analysis of 10,000 multi-page surveys.

Public Health Department Substance Abuse Program automates patient surveys.

A department of a large public health agency adopted AutoData ExpertScan to automate patient satisfaction surveys and data collection in their substance abuse program, making data collection faster and easier. AutoData Systems has installations at several branch offices of the same organization throughout the western and southwestern U.S., primarily for patient surveys and patient data collection.

Police Department automates traffic stop data collection.

A southwestern city purchased AutoData Systems software to automate traffic stop data collection, eliminating data entry of a 40-question survey and providing an easy way to get summary reports.

Corrections Department automates menu surveys.

AutoData Systems software was implemented by a corrections department to survey inmates regarding preferences for purchased food choices, helping the department to better plan its product offering and ordering.

Probation Office automates parolee data collection forms.

AutoData Scannable Office was purchased by a branch office of the US Probation Office to automate a test form that helps authorities monitor parolee drug use. Automating the test form helps the probation office ensure data accuracy and timely processing.

Armed Forces recruit processing automated with AutoData Systems software.

A consulting firm specializing in work with the armed forces adopted AutoData Scannable Office to design and manage forms that help their client, a major US Army installation, efficiently process recruit clothing issue, saving the client significant time. The program has since been expanded to include other branches of the armed forces.