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The AutoData Story


Since 1993, AutoData Systems has provided innovative survey and forms solutions to organizations in business, healthcare, government, education and a host of other industries. Our software is used worldwide to gather data that helps measure and improve customer and employee satisfaction, track patient safety, evaluate performance, measure outcomes and more. “Informed decisions are made with knowledge of the situation.”

We have developed the tools you need to gather data via personalized surveys and forms on paper or the internet. All of our software solutions follow a very simple formula we call the The AutoData Process.

The AutoData Process:

1. Design
2. Publish
3. Report

With this process any industry can create any customized form for any purpose. No matter what industry you are in, there is a timely and cost-effective AutoData solution for you.

We may feature only a few industries on our site, but our software capabilities are not limited to only those. If you would like to know how AutoData software can save you time and money, please contact us.

Check out some sample forms and surveys that current customers are using!