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Scannable Office

Powerful Form Processing Software Automates Data Entry using Microsoft® Office Applications for Form Design and Data Storage.

Use Microsoft® Office as a form processing powerhouse

Scannable Office leverages users’ knowledge of common software programs by using Microsoft® Word to create scannable forms, and by automatically mapping data to Microsoft® Excel or Access.

  • Create scannable forms in Microsoft Word
    Scannable Office embeds an AutoData toolbar in Microsoft® Word, to give you scannable form design capabilities. The macros help you place scannable objects such as checkmark and handprint fields, on your survey or form.
  • Scan the completed form in seconds
    No more manual data entry. Scannable Office helps you create scannable forms, then process them with an imaging scanner. You’ll get improved data capture accuracy and, since scanning forms saves time, you’ll be able to free up precious personnel resources for other tasks.
  • Populate your database as forms are scanned
    Scannable Office automatically creates a Microsoft® Excel or Access database, then maps your data directly to it. The software also allows you to map to any existing ODBC-compliant database.

Technology That Continually Improves

Scannable Office includes SmartMemory™ technology with improved intelligent character recognition. Based on AutoData Systems’ patented neural network design, SmartMemory learns new character shapes and different handprint styles over time. Recognition accuracy improves continuously, and the software becomes “smarter” as it is used, thereby reducing heads-up onscreen handprint verification . SmartMemory™ provides AutoData products and customers with a substantial technological advantage.

Seamless Data Handling: Unmatched in the industry

Scannable Office handles data seamlessly. During the scanning process, response data is captured and written directly into the database. Scannable Office maps automatically to Access or Excel, or allows you to map data to any new or existing ODBC-compliant database. No exporting is required. Scanned data is then displayed in an easy-to-read table. Users can add, delete or edit data directly in the database, saving significant time and effort.

Learning Center

Learn how Scannable Office works in the AutoData Learning Center!

“I like the fact that you can scan forms, the software reads the data and calculates everything for you in one step.”
– St. Mary’s Hospital