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Expert Scan

ExpertScan with NetE-nable is a powerful yet simple solution for efficiently gathering and analyzing data from paper/web surveys and forms. Electronic sharing capabilities allow you to easily share ExpertScan files with your colleagues. Share surveys, forms and reports. Export to PDF function lets anyone view and print ExpertScan files.

3 Easy Steps

  • DESIGN the form
    Use any combination of checkmarks, hand print, comment capture and barcode fields with questions you define to create a personalized form or survey. ExpertScan takes care of alignment and field mapping so that you can spend more time focusing on the information you need to gather from your participants.
  • PUBLISH and collect your data
    Distribute your form or survey on paper and/or on the internet (web capability only available with the purchase of the NetE-nable add-on) for maximum participation. It’s all as easy as pointing and clicking. Once you receive any paper versions and/or click to download web results, your data goes directly into an Access database.
    Bar graphs, pie charts, trend graphs, standard deviations, averages, percentages, and more are all created upon retrieval of data. Reports can be customized with advanced tabulation rules if needed. Imagine being able to get reports on data automatically without ever having to lift a finger. ExpertScan makes this possible.

What can ExpertScan do for you?

Increase Data Accuracy
Reducing key strokes reduces the chance of data entry errors. ExpertScan software reduces or eliminates key entry by turning standard paper forms into scannable forms. And ExpertScan includes AutoData Systems patented SmartMemory™ technology. With this exclusive technology, the software gets “smarter” as it’s used, learning new handprint styles, increasing character recognition, and reducing the need for operator verification over time.

Improve Data Turnaround
ExpertScan reduces form processing time by up to 85%. Plus the software tabulates your data and creates professional reports with the click of button—giving you fast, accurate results. With ExpertScan, you get critical information in a fraction the time of manual data processing and analysis take.

Reduce Costs
Removing workflow steps translates into labor savings and a direct, positive effect on your bottom line. And with less time spent on manual data entry, employees have more time for core activities, allowing you to leverage your existing workforce instead of hiring additional personnel or going to the expense of outsourcing survey and form processing. If the information you need can be gathered by form, ExpertScan can do the job. Use ExpertScan to create, process and analyze patient or customer satisfaction forms, employee opinion surveys, chart audits, outcomes measures, evaluations, and much more.

Adobe PDF Capabilities!
Convert your ExpertScan form and report files to Adobe PDF files. With PDF capabilities, sharing files is easier than ever. All your colleagues need is Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Learning Center

Learn how ExpertScan works. Visit the AutoData Learning Center!

“ExpertScan is our ‘go to’ product because it is intuitive, user-friendly, and the quality and promptness of the technical support is unprecedented!”
Christine Baker, SSM Health Care