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AutoData Systems is devoted to providing software solutions for your various form needs. Whether it is a customer survey, patient check-in form, or an employee evaluation, there is an AutoData software solution. The core purpose of our software is to give you the flexibility to collect the data you are looking for and compile it automatically.

The AutoData Process:

  • DESIGN the form
    Using tools contained in our form creation software solutions, you can create exactly what you want participants to fill out. AutoData ExpertScan automatically positions questions and response fields, resulting in a very easy-to-read, customized form. AutoData Scannable Office integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Word, allowing you not only to customize each question and response type but also their exact locations on the page.
  • PUBLISH and collect your data
    With the help of an imaging scanner, AutoData software extracts data from paper forms, thereby eliminating the need for tedious and error-prone manual data entry. If NetE-nable is used in conjunction with ExpertScan, data can be retrieved from the web with a few easy clicks. Our form creation software uses SmartMemory™ technology that gives it the unique ability to “learn” different handprinting styles. Frankly speaking, as time goes on, our software gets smarter!
    The point of gathering data is for you to analyze, report, and make timely, effective decisions. With ExpertScan you can set advanced tabulation rules to monitor specific parameters. Scannable Office allows you to map any of your data to an ODBC-compliant database (e.g., Excel or Access) so that you can create and customize your analysis and reports.