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ExpertScan Update History

ExpertScan Update History

v.1.1.18   7/2003

Add option in Title properties to apply to this page only, or to apply to this page and subsequent pages.

Option to save Custom response sets.


v.1.1.20   7/2003

Use the date format in Regional Settings for the DB and reports.

Show a progress bar when a report is being generated.

Scroll views using keyboard arrow keys and PageUp etc.


v.1.1.22   9/2004

Add option to Handprint field for “Verify Always”

Resize Picture elements and print at high resolution.


v.1.2.0   12/2004

Support for color inkjet printers.

Save report settings with the ESD file.

Export to PDF file.

When an error occurs during scanning, ask to display the image in Image Viewer.

Set background color for Section Header element. Currently, the background is set to black.

Associate the ESD, ESA and ESC file extensions with the ExpertScan program.


v.1.2.12   5/2005

Add option to use the same title on all pages, make this the default setting.


v.1.2.19   8/2006

Allow user to view element properties (but not change them) after form is locked.


v.1.2.21   12/2006

Add field to Barcode Element to identify the barcode in Tab Rules.


v.2.0.0   8/2007

Web surveys and email invitations through the NetE-nable add-on.


v.2.0.16   3/2012

Allow user to see which web link goes with which barcode (Barcode URL Merge).

Add feature to view the association database.

Allow user to save custom colors


v.2.0.18   1/2014

Add pictures to web surveys


These updates, as well as updates not listed, also include various bug fixes.