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AutoData looking to become certified HCAHPS CG CAHPS vendor.

AutoData Systems is currently taking the required steps to become a certified HCAHPS and CG CAHPS survey vendor.  We are asking for your insight and interest on HCAHPS and CG CAHPS surveys, please take a moment to provide us with your interest or disinterest in these surveys at the link below:




The Importance of Patient Satisfaction Surveys

We could write blog after blog on the importance of patient satisfaction surveys to healthcare providers and organizations, but it might not mean a whole lot coming from us.  Instead, we’ve collected some worthwhile articles for you to check out written by the experts.

Six Characteristics of High-Performing Healthcare Organizations – highlights some of the differences in results throughout different types of surveys, including the HCAHPS.


Candid Comments Make HCAHPS Results Even More Valuable – discusses the value of open-ended patient comments (something that runs seamlessly with our software).


HCAHPS Focus: 3 Ways HR Can Impact the “Always” Response


Oaklawn gets high scores in patient satisfaction surveys


As you can see, don’t just take our word for it.

Find out how AutoData’s software can help improve your organization’s patient survey process and more importantly,  save your organization money.