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AutoData looking to become certified HCAHPS CG CAHPS vendor.

AutoData Systems is currently taking the required steps to become a certified HCAHPS and CG CAHPS survey vendor.  We are asking for your insight and interest on HCAHPS and CG CAHPS surveys, please take a moment to provide us with your interest or disinterest in these surveys at the link below:




The Importance of Patient Satisfaction Surveys

We could write blog after blog on the importance of patient satisfaction surveys to healthcare providers and organizations, but it might not mean a whole lot coming from us.  Instead, we’ve collected some worthwhile articles for you to check out written by the experts.

Six Characteristics of High-Performing Healthcare Organizations – highlights some of the differences in results throughout different types of surveys, including the HCAHPS.


Candid Comments Make HCAHPS Results Even More Valuable – discusses the value of open-ended patient comments (something that runs seamlessly with our software).


HCAHPS Focus: 3 Ways HR Can Impact the “Always” Response


As you can see, don’t just take our word for it.

Find out how AutoData’s software can help improve your organization’s patient survey process and more importantly,  save your organization money.

NetE-nable Goes Mobile on Tablets

A tablet displaying a NetE-nable survey in an office

Tablets on the Rise

There’s no use denying it, tablet use is on the rise.  Whether it’s for personal use or business reasons, many of our customers and readers use them (you may even be reading this blog on your tablet).  Here at AutoData, we have noticed an increase in the amount of questions from customers regarding a survey solution for tablets and mobile devices.  The solution?  NetE-nable: the cloud-serviced web add-on to ExpertScan.

Tablets are quickly becoming more than just a novelty; they’re gaining popularity among users seeking more portability, ease of use, and simplicity over their current computer experience.  Whether you need to catch up on emails, read the latest news in your industry, or take meeting minutes, tablets are proving to be more and more valuable in the business world.
NetE-nable survey displayed on a tabletWith countless businesses capturing  data (whether it is a patient satisfaction survey, a safety practices/inspections form, a teacher evaluation, etc.), being able to use a tablet has many benefits over a traditional paper survey or form:

  • Eliminate scanning – By using the web for surveys you’re able to rid yourself of messy paper.  You also can avoid trying to decipher sloppy handwriting altogether
  • Instant data collection – The second the “Submit” button is clicked, data is populated and ready to be used and reported on.  No waiting around to go through the scanning process
  • Ease of access – Wherever you have a tablet (or web browser with internet connection) there you will also have access to your survey.  No more waiting for your survey to be printed or copied, forgetting them on your desk, or dealing with lost or out of order surveys

Tablet and Mobile Device Survey Solution

With our cloud-serviced web add-on, NetE-nable, AutoData has the solution to gathering data via tablets.  As pictured above, tablets using a NetE-nabled physician satisfaction survey can be filled out and instantly deliver data on tablets with a web browser and an internet connection.

Since we here at AutoData still strongly believe that paper surveys will always have a place in data collection, we offer the combination of both paper and web surveys into one database.  This is what separates us from the rest.  No need to give yourself (or your IT department) more Access/Excel work dealing with having separate databases.  AutoData provides you with the all-in-one solution.

NetE-nable survey displayed on a mobile phone

Have a device with a web browser and internet connection?  A NetE-nable survey will work!  Try out a sample survey on your device and tell us what you think.

Not an ExpertScan user?  Request a demo of our software as well as a live, screen sharing demonstration.  Watch the Learning Center’s ExpertScan with NetE-nable intro video for another look at our software.


Already using ExpertScan?  Contact us and request a free, 14-day trial of NetE-nable.

Automation in Healthcare: How AutoData’s software cuts health care costs

“Automation, either full or partial, of various jobs can be a productive tool for healthcare organizations looking to cut costs, and proven solutions and technology are enticing.”

 The above quote is from a recent Health Leaders article titled, “Automation and the Healthcare Cost Curve.” The quote is as true as it is simple: save labor, save money. According to the article, labor costs are ranked as the No. 1 cost driver by 33% of senior health leaders, while 59% put it in the top three cost drivers. The unsustainable rising costs of health care have the industry looking to innovate to drive down costs while at the same time maintaining, or better yet, increasing efficiency. As the article points out, an underrepresented area of innovation in the healthcare industry is automation.

 “. . . a first step for many hospital senior leaders is placing an emphasis on labor-saving technology and techniques.” 

 This is where AutoData can help. Whether utilizing a simple form designed to collect patient information or a complicated study on bone density, the healthcare industry still heavily relies on the use of paper. AutoData’s software provides organizations the opportunity to scan paper forms into a computer where the information is then automatically placed into an Access database. In other words, AutoData’s software eliminates manual data entry. When manual entry is eliminated, labor costs are saved and efficiency is improved. Lower costs and higher efficiency is a goal every healthcare organization should try to achieve  – a goal in which AutoData has been helping healthcare organizations achieve for 20 years.


Inaugural Post

Inaugural Post

Welcome to our newly designed website! Our excitement over the new design is not easily expressed with words (especially if you’ve seen our old site), but if we could put it into words, it might look something like this: “YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!”

We collectively apologize for the over-excitement, but we just can’t help it. However, we’d be lying if we told you our new website is the only reason we are excited. In fact, we have many other reasons to be excited.

First, we are excited about where we’ve been as a company. Since 1993, we have helped countless organizations eliminate the costs of survey and form processing with simple, easy-to-use software. For those ‘non-math’ people out there, that’s almost 20 years of experience in our field.

Second, we are excited about where we currently find ourselves as a company. Our team is constantly working to improve our products and our service to create a better experience for you, the customer. As such, we are proud of the work Autodata does on a daily basis.

Finally, we are excited about where we are going as a company. Sure, our new site is pretty, but it has so much more to offer than stunning good looks.

What is it?

More channels of open communication. Such as this blog, for example. We want to let you know what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why we are doing it, but more importantly, we want you involved in that process. We also have a Twitter account and a Facebook page. Why? Because we want to hear from you! After 20 years in the business, we know firsthand that listening to your customer is far more important than telling your customer. We know this because that’s precisely what our software does – it allows you to listen to your customers or patients or employees or alumni network or whichever audience you target. At its core, our software allows you to know more, and therefore, be better.

So thanks for finding us and we looking forward to listening to you!